About Theresa

Hello, my name is Theresa.

I created this space to organize my thoughts and reflection exercises for HSCI 803. This is a course in qualitative methods. Central to qualitative methods is reflexivity: “the fact that the researcher is part of the social world he or she studies” (Maxwell, 2005).


How do I fit in? How do my experiences colour my perspective? How does my identity reflect on how I interpret an issue or concept?

I have been using the platform of blogging for over a year now and have found it a very enriching and exciting experience. I hope this medium will give me a greater flexibility in examining my experiences through reflective writing exercises, memos, and other forms of writing.

You can find my personal blog here.

If you have any comments or question please feel free to leave them here in the comments section or you may email me at thughesa@sfu.ca


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